Yee Cheng Chin

Software Engineer / Game Developer/ Random Dude

MacVim Development and PGP Key

I have been a long-time user of the text editor Vim, and have grown to love its various idiosyncrasies and power over the years. These days, I can’t really imagine living without it for my day-to-day work and random hacking. MacVim in particular has been my favorite version of... Read More

GDC Talk on JavaScript UI for Game Development

GDC 2016 is coming up, and I did a talk (How to Implement AAA Game UI in HTML and JavaScript) in last year’s GDC about my work building SimCity 2013’s UI system purely in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I just realized I never bothered to upload the slides for it!... Read More

First Post

First post in my shiny new blog! I feel so weird since blogging is so yesteryear, but yet I’m setting a new one here. The goal of this blog/site is really to have a space to put random files, thoughts, and links that I find on the web, and hey... Read More