First Post

First post in my shiny new blog! I feel so weird since blogging is so yesteryear, but yet I’m setting a new one here. The goal of this blog/site is really to have a space to put random files, thoughts, and links that I find on the web, and hey the blog part just comes with it. I have always wanted to have a personal site, but been too lazy to set it up, but seems like technology has advanced and it’s gotten to the point that it’s quite easy to do so!

I’m not sure what I’ll write or how often I’ll update this, but the answer is probably… very infrequently. The next post is probably my GDC slides, but not sure what I’ll put up after that. This is just a space for me to play around with web tech and put resumes, links, etc up so will see how it goes!

Really, I just set this site up to learn Jekyll (a static site generator), since apparently that’s what the cool kids are using now instead of Wordpress. Jekyll is awesome for a programmer like me as you pretty much gets absolute control while saving grunt work of manually typing HTML files, compared to Wordpress which is a giant blackbox. Since I don’t consider myself much of a designer, I just hijacked an existing theme (beautiful-jekyll) from Github. Thanks internet stranger for doing work for me!